Created in 2007 for the memorial of Braden Allen Aboud. 


A Life is not important except for the Impact it has on other Lives - Jackie Robinson

Braden Aboud lived his life by this famous quote with humility and compassion. An unusual fete for any 14 year old, Braden developed a close personal relationship with God, his family and friends, never compromis their importance. Braden had a great sense of humor that was personified in his beautiful smile and his gut-wrenching laugh. Never the exclusive type, Braden always championed the less fortunate, and defined the term “inclusive” when it came to middle school athletics and social events.

Braden was 14 years old when he passed away on Super Bowl Sunday evening in 2007. The unexpected loss of this young man prompted most to reflect on his life in terms only befitting of an old soul. Braden was an athlete, an excellent student, a prankster and a terrific gamer. He was a sensitive and compassionate friend, with an uncanny ability to get the best out of his relationships.

The B Warm blanket drive was a vision Braden had to help his community and the less fortunate. He had a desire of urgency to help those that fell short of life’s basic necessities. The blanket drive reflects the spirit of warmth Braden felt for those in need and unable to help themselves.

The annual Braden Aboud Run/Walk is the marquee event that funds all of the programs of the foundation. The B STRONG Shoe Giveaway, B STRONG Backpacks, B Warm Blanket Drive, B STRONG Ad In, B STRONG Scholarships, B STRONG after-school programs, B Safe Swimming, grants and donations to area teams, schools, and organizations are befitting events to honor this young athlete. Braden’s love of sports was only surpassed by his desire to be part of the team. While playing sports, Braden lived by the golden rule, “When you lose say little, and when you win say less”. Sports was a dominant force behind this young athlete’s success on and off the playing field.

The B STRONG Shoe Giveaway and all other foundation programs further reflect a vision Braden had for children distinguished as less fortunate. The events ensure, if just for a while, participants of the will be identified by their character and and help keep them on a level playing field.

Braden’s short life has made a profound impact on this community. His legacy should be acknowledged as a continuation of his love of life, his friends, his family and his sense of fairness and compassion.