b strong ad in


Ross Walker, a local tennis pro, is joining forces with the Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation to start an off-shoot program called B STRONG – AD IN. For the last year and a half, Walker has been actively involved with helping put programs and clinics together at schools and local rec centers.  By getting involved with grassroots tennis, he has been exposed to a dozen or so high school tennis teams in many low-income areas.  Walker says it has been truly eye opening to see how the players and the coaches of these teams operate.  According to one high school coach, he estimates 80 percent of all players from the lower-income area schools use hand-me-down tennis rackets.  The kids simply cannot afford to buy their own.

This is exactly where B STRONG - AD IN comes in to play. The goal is to help fund some of the players and their teams that don’t have the resources to compete to the best of their ability. For a varsity high school tennis player, having a decent racket and pair of shoes should not be a luxury, period, but a necessity. Having decent equipment to compete with would do wonders for their games obviously, but more importantly, also their self-esteem.