The success of our youth is helping them to B STRONG!


The Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and educational development of El Paso's youth.

What We Do

Since 2007, more than $2,000,000 has been returned through in-kind and monetary donations to schools, teams and organizations throughout the El Paso region. 

  • Braden Aboud 5K Run/5K & 1 Mile Walk

  • B STRONG Shoe Giveaway

  • B Warm El Paso Blanket Drive

  • B a Success Backpacks

  • B STRONG AD IN Tennis

In addition to the marquee events, the foundation distributes funding throughout the year to programs such as the After School Project, B Safe Swimming Project and scholarships to graduating seniors from the El Paso area.

Who We Are

It takes more than a village - it takes a community of leaders. Since 2007, the foundation has been 100% volunteer-ran, with a board of volunteers at the heart of this organization. Each member represents a cross section of professionals and community leaders, and each brings their expertise to drive the various annual projects of the foundation.

2019 Committee Members

  • Lori McCuaig

  • Lynette Brown

  • Lynn Kobren

  • Malena Field

  • Mark Tomlin

  • Mary Wakefield

  • Mike Norwich

  • Mo Bailey

  • Randy Shinaut

  • Robin Kobren

  • Ross Walker

  • Ruth Katz

  • Sabrina Crowley

  • Sam Belford

  • Sandy Whitney

  • Sarah James

  • Scott Kobren

  • Susie Shinaut

  • Susy Auza-Smith

  • Tina Gute

  • Gary Aboud - Executive Director/Founder

  • Cindi Aboud - Executive Director/Founder

  • Julie Tomlin - Run/Walk Team & School Liaison

  • Amy Marcus - B STRONG Shoe Giveaway Coordinator

  • Ana Isabel Sandoval - B STRONG Office Director

  • Adrian Flores

  • Andy Lambeth

  • Angela Munro

  • Carolyn Grantham

  • Catherine Payne

  • Cecelia Duran

  • Chana Burton

  • Christi Hines

  • Cindy Cohen

  • Gayle Belford

  • Gilbert Izquierdo

  • Jennifer Lambeth

  • Jill McBeth

  • Katy Freytag

  • Kimmie Caldwell

  • Laura Norwich